Weapons of mass destruction

Foundational matters to bewilderment up nations

The war inside which each one faces

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How you retort to it personalty the races

People, property, and places

What than are these weapons

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That impose civilisation to self-destruct?

These are the inherent burning issues

That origination us to burn and erupt

Be it singly or collectively

As we lecherousness for increase economically

When we turn piqued and react angrily

Deal next to worries and general public hastily

And thenceforth infect the international globally

Setting fires to go on as beside nasty we're overcome

Being sensitive and exasperated we go undone

After which we retort irrationally

Thwarting personal business and judgment internationally

An eye for an eye, a fang for a tooth

Leaving some red-blind and toothless

Anger, rage, and war are ruthless

Jealousy, accusation, and existence self-righteous

Refusing to comprehend and unfaithful perceptionsability are hideous

False allegations, inform the finger, bountiful no way out

Corporation commonwealth devising a killing

That's what war in Al-Iraq is all about

Withholding an apology, refusingability to motion forgiveness

Showing no self-reproach for our own international injustice

Is it any wonder they impoverishment to wipe out us

Everything is not e'er cut and dry

How often we unbend God and the all-seeingability eye

"You're near us or hostile us"

Means much will pointlessly die

How more or less our own war crimes antagonistic humanity

While we profiteer, eat porc in Monotheism lands, and expectorate profanity

We regularly bury we too were ready-made from the dust

Not everything in the international is vindicatory nearly us

Why than all the arrogance, hostility, and fuss

Individually let us go after the intimated terrorists

Not a society or body politic in whole

Operate covertly and manufacturing works a mole

Assassins to payoff out the bad guys

Don't hurt the innocentsability and than look right through their cries

Such unthinking carelessness stains our keeping with blood

If you're active to spoil and destabilise a nation

At slightest later give the name in HUD

To renovate and remedy social writ and infrastructure

And next incident timepiece your spoken communication before you lure

Nations to a battle, which you cannot win

Beware of winning an criticism like 9/11 and tallying your spin

To warrant an incursion short provocation

Now we have to operation near a civilian war's devastation

Speculation, fabricated accusation, and economic condition accumulation

These combined variables metal to an unjustifiable war in a nation

The derision even so is our profiteeringability concoct failed

Our propagandizedability war on apprehension in Irak and scheme paled

To what should have been through in the proper theatres of war

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Asian nation Peninsula and more

Of path Sudan's race murder sick Darfur

Our cruelty of a oppressor and physical attraction for oil

Did trade name our oil men in the Light House's bodily fluid boil

As they arose artlessly to payoff a spoil

The dissidents in Metropolis nevertheless did foil

Their programme and in so doing did edify our land

Never to let a Business executive deviate a country and grandstand

When near are more weightierability matters at hand

Far more than worth of our fuss and political unit focus

Mr. Bush's bad verdict has bled and stony-broke us.

Over 3,000 North American country soldiery dead

Over 100,000 inculpable Iraqis, facts we dare not spread

For WMD declared by specious intelligence

Iraqi relations to al Base erroneous

The mercantilism of shock and dangersability in the fatherland implied

Now our control singing in disclaimer upholdingability their pride

Instead of human being responsible and apologizingability for havingability song.


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