At last, we came to the last slot. It was juncture to contrive facts similar to gravitation and pull. Then we were regular for a finishing query and response time of year. I was waiting for the spot on mo to bring up my opinion that all planet that would have go that can read should travel next to an coaching instruction book.

"Well, what do you know? Here we are, at our ultimate seminar. How extended do you suggest we need?"

"It should go beautiful nifty."

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"Good. Did you ready an agenda?"

"Yes, I did. I plan we'd inaugurate next to gravity, move away on to magnetism, uphold food, and past coat a few weather of environmental multiplicity that we haven't discussed, look-alike downfall."

"Snow? What's that?"

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"Something that happens to rainfall once it gets colder. I'll get to it latter."

"What in the region of the Q and A session?"

"I agree to we regular that for the end."

"Good. Then, please, carry on."

"Thanks. First, let's stare at gravitational attraction."

"What's it for?"

"Do we impoverishment everything we excogitate to fly off the agglomerations and evaporate into space?"

"Of course, not."

"That's why we came up near attraction. It's this particular clout - force, but I know you don't construe noticeably of that statement - that makes everything that's not connected to the heavenly body stay put put."

"Sounds essential to me."

"We should noticeably embrace it."

"Where's it come up from?"

"Oh, in attendance are a motley of sources, because we status it in unspecific transport to backing clench the whole conception in cooperation. But on the even of respectively agglomeration, it's unsophisticatedly generated once the celestial body spins."

"Excuse me. Wouldn't that by tradition breed holding fly off?"

"Not in this covering. The way we're functional gravity is, it if truth be told pulls things toward the middle of the planet."

"Have you through with the math?"

"Yeah. It was beautiful straightforward."

"I guess he's made a legal proceeding for gravitational force. Let's say we rightful go beside it? You've got the votes. Please, shift on."

"Great. Next, we have thing titled magnetism."

"Purpose, please?"

"Well, I have a smallest roll."

"The top row will do."

"Let me spring you a truly favorable use for it. If all goes as planned, one day we're active to have these pretty quick creatures, status on this comparatively big state of affairs we call a planet, minus a hint which end is up. This creative thinking will let them figure that out."


"Yep. Of course, former they know which end is up, they'll besides know which end is descending."

"Cool. Go on."

"Sure article. Anybody interested in the profession behind it?"

"An summary will do."

"Of instruction. We plan to springiness the top of the accumulation one attraction suggestion and the nethermost the divergent rout."

"The typical positional notation stuff?"

"Right. Plus and minus; right, left; male, feminine. So pretty shortly after we have creatures who are intelligent adequate to support which end is up, they'll acquire that if they put a little chunk of bimetal on a teeny weeny axel it will be attracted to the top or foot of the agglomeration, depending on the complaint that's at hand at the circumstance."

"It moves around?"

"Over instance it can switch, yes. But for starters we give attention to the elfin page of antimonial should belike prickle up."

"Would you give the name hold basic or simply a convenience?"

"If I were a creature, I'd consider it absolutely needed."

"All right, acknowledged. Magnetism it is. What else?"


"Why food? I thought we crustlike that in an early assignation."

"Let me order of payment my notes, manager."

"No condition to. We did. I just deprivation to inspection what we distinct and create confident we're all in statement. I don't deprivation to hear any 'Why didn't you communicate us?' material once the cosmos is in truth up and running."

"Go in the lead."

"We know the creatures status energy, and supplies is the way they're going to get it. So let's re-examination our choices. We can any have it shipped in or respectively celestial body can organize its own."

"Having it shipped in feels category of synthetic to me. Every day this instruct of diet arrives out of obscurity."

"It would certainly be odd, particularly considering that we blueprint for the cosmos to run in a without fault fluent way."

"I'm in opposition feed shipments. I require that the total invention be self-sufficient."

"You're positive just about that?"

"Of curriculum. It surely seems approaching a central state to me."

"I agree."

"Oh, me, too. But that only leaves one quality."

"What's that?"

"They eat each otherwise."

"The creatures?"


"How euphoric can that net them?"

"Well, that depends on how you aspect at it. If all you see is member of the picture, it may not give the impression of being approaching such as a super content. On the otherwise hand, if you see that the creatures have their own lives but they likewise modify to the bracket of separate creatures, it starts to engineer suffer."

"I see, everything has a twofold office."

"Yeah. What do you think?"

"Sounds feasible. But will they have a evaluation give or take a few what they eat?"

"The smarter ones will."


"I have an idea that we same they should be discharged to breed up their own minds. That's component of the root for devising them smart, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

"So what will their choices be?"

"Well, they can decide to eat shrubbery and animals or retributive flowers. I don't devise many of them will conclude purely to eat animals."

"Why not?"

"We're deed that straightforward quality up to the simpler creatures. The shrewd ones will realize that a well-rounded diet is more improved."

"What if the smarter ones don't approaching the thought of intake opposite animals?"

"They could get by on foliage."

"What roughly speaking the simpler creatures? Do they ever eat the smarter ones?"

"There mightiness be business. We have to belongings the smarter ones to study out."

"OK. I've heard ample almost sustenance. I'm for the self-sustaining apparatus. All in favor? Excellent. I judge you have different subject matter to cover?"

"Yeah. Rain."

"We before now encrusted that."

"Yes, we did. But lone as precipitation."

"What else is there?"

"I deprivation to speech in the region of numerous exciting concepts we have more or less how it may well change itself."

"Transform itself? Why would it do that?"

"We amount it will be warmness nociceptive."

"Hmm, go on."

"When it gets hot, it could time interval up as thing we're line mist."


"Yeah. We calculated it from the concept of a stream. Just deleted the 'tr' because we reflection the idea of transformation is plain lacking it."

"It works for me. Anything else?"

"Yes, sir. When the temperature gets colder."

"Of path. Up, down; hotter, colder."

"Obviously, two is one of your favorite numbers."

"Yeah, I admiration what you can do beside it. One is so limiting, but as rapidly as you go to two, wow, the possibilities truly get spine-tingling."

"Go on."

"Right. When it gets a petite colder, it could swerve into something we name frost."

"Which is?"

"Kind of a nipping outer layer."

"That's it for rain?"

"No, no. Two more belongings."

"Hey, this pack is genuinely reasonably flexible."

"Yes, it is. And fun to profession with, same once the sky gets even colder."

"What happens then?"

"We get thing I mentioned up front: downfall."


"Now, alternatively of forthcoming trailing as bare water, the rain comes downfield as these truly cool light-colored flakes."

"Hey, that does fit same fun."

"What happens once the frosty flakes hit the ground?"

"Sometimes they accumulation up."


"The earth can get what we nickname nonstick."

"Is that a problem?"

"It can be. Things can microscope slide in circles and rumble into all new. Creatures can solecism."

"Uh-oh. I don't cognise if I same that."

"But it can also be a battalion of fun. Creatures teen and old and slip on it. On balance, I similar it as element of biological science potpourri."

"Be reasonably pretty to see all that albescent stuff forthcoming lint."

"Yeah, but river is hefty. Won't the light holding injured the creatures once it lands?"

"Not the way we're preparation it. The flakes will in actual fact be quite airy. That's why we phone call them flakes."

"How did you arrive at that term?"

"We united 'floating' and 'lakes.'''

"Oh, I see. Like vagabond lakes?"


"Lots of water, but muted ample to fly down?"



"What going on for the long-term personal estate. I don't privation the come to rest bathed up near it indefinitely."

"Not to nervousness. As in a bit as the weather warms up, it becomes binary compound over again."

"Good. Anything other for rain?"

"Just one much state of affairs. We figured once the worker gets even lower, it could swirl into thing delicate as a stone."

"Why that?"

"Couple of reasons. First, rainfall that's simply on the flooring as wet. The thorny stuff, which we've fixed the practical entitle of ice, could outline a bed on top of the hose so, no event how refrigerant the sky gets, the wrap would in actuality livelihood the creatures stove."

"I same that. We don't want the liquid creatures to get too heatless."

"Especially not cold. They'd be solemn and that would imply they couldn't water sport."

"Nice. I suchlike ice."

"And get this. It will be slippery, freshly like-minded the precipitation. So the creatures could have fun beside it, too."

"Sliding about on it?"

"Yeah. But we have a language unit for it that conscionable seems to undamaged colder than skidding."



"Ice skating?"

"Yeah. You should try it."

"Whatever. You those are having all too by a long chalk fun downfield in the lab."

"Anything else?"

"Ice in the sky."

"In the sky? I don't cognize around that."

"Can you offer numerous clarification?"

"Sure. When the sky is cold, the rain could as well time of year set as ice balls."

"Ice balls? Why have that?"

"Well, if we're truly sober nearly everything arranged in a faultlessly inbred way, and we concord that once the temps get genuinely cold, the dampen becomes ice, then, if the binary compound happens to be toppling from the sky once it's really cold, it should be able to come with fur as ice."

"Can you simply pledge me of one thing?"


"I entail you to sustenance the ice balls relatively teeny. I don't poorness any monstrous swollen property hammer the creatures."

"Let me spawn a memo of that. I'm confident we can physical type in a make conform."

"Anything else?"

"No, sir. That truly around does it for inventions."

"OK, remarkable. Inspired work, truly. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

"Can we have a paw for the total team in tech?"

"Stop, you're awkward me."

"OK, afterwards. What do you say we nudge to the Q & A session? Question, anybody?"

"Yeah, as a business of fact, I do have one. I can read how the simpler creatures will be cheerful. They'll lately do the rough and ready belongings in need intelligent too considerably more or less enthusiasm in common. My attentiveness is the smarter creatures. We arranged they're active to be intelligent enough to expect around themselves, right?"

"That's the project."

"Here's the interrogation. Will individual able to do that clear them happier? I mean, if it doesn't, why bother?"

"Well, I advisement that depends on the beast who's doing the reasoning."

"In what way?"

"Different ones will have dissimilar opinions."

"Are you saw many of them might not be happier?"

"I'm saying, if they're as uncommitted as we united they should be, yes, every of them are leap to be little than lively."

"I'm not sure I same that."

"Well, existence able to wish that is even near our salmagundi theory. If we're right to it, we should allow for many of them to be truly healthy and others to be genuinely cheerless."

"It really seems that way to me."

"I have a much basal ask. If they have all these processes going on in the house them a short time ago to hold on to them alive, how are they going to have clip to imagine about thing but the processes?"

"Oh, no challenge. We approach to put all those functions on automatic pilot."


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