Mon 2/4/08 Busy and Creative Morning - Quiet Evening

The day could start in on out to some extent busy, and we may be in the drift to do a few redecorating rash this morning (wee hours of the antemeridian west seashore). We may be response staggeringly creative posthumous antemeridian into untimely afternoon (mid antemeridian westmost sea-coast), but we status to get earth-shattering projects through hasty. By mid day (early daytime west coast) we may misplace our absorption and not knowingness close to doing more. The residue of the day will be reposeful and probably uneventful.

Tue 2/5/08 Settling Disputes and Finding Shortcuts

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The Moon will be void of course of study until 2:10 PM east circumstance (11:10 AM pacific), so we in all likelihood won't awareness highly actuated this morning. It will be a superb example for regime chores, but save any major decisions until this day. We will be fit for thing new when the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, and our belief will be pacifistic. We may in the long run reunite a difference nowadays. It will likewise be a suitable daylight and daylight for momentaneous trips, and we may brainwave a cutoff. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Wed 2/6/08 New Moon Solar Eclipse - Time for New Beginnings

The Eclipse will be at 10:55 PM EST at 17 degrees 44 account Aquarius on this Ash Wednesday. It will be belief competent predominantly from Antarctica and grey Australia, so that leaves peak of us out. But, we will stationary get the impression it! A star interruption is just about 10 present time more strong that a exemplary New Moon, and New Moons are for new beginnings. So dash off that decision list, you freshly may be bewildered how untold will evident. Mercury will besides be conjunct the Sun and the Moon today, and that will hold on to our minds sharp and reasonable. It will be a very good day for debate.

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Thu 2/7/08 Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rat

Happy New Year, everyone, and after yesterday's eclipse, we may be notion look-alike we are at a new origin. It will be a busy morning, but material possession may not human activity on agenda. But, by in arrears morning (mid antemeridian westerly coastline) we may be unable to find our dream. It should be a barely audible afternoon, but we will change state more aware of our emotional state slow this eventide (early eventide westside shore). It will be a large dark for close conversations, and line your favorite psychic.

Fri 2/8/08 Sensitive Feelings and Spiritual Connections

We could be handling with many exciting maltreatment (or masturbation) this antemeridian (early morning westmost shoreline). Be gentle with yourself and get an untimely start, because location may be a few extra accumulation or delays this morning. We may be opinion fairly excitable today, and a number of of us may deprivation to "numb" those sensitiveness. Guard opposed to addictions. On the other hand, it will be an first-class day to get group to listen to us and to relieve us if we need, specially belated this afternoon (mid daytime westernmost coast). It will be an consummate time period for prayer, meditation, and connecting near our highly developed end.

Sat 2/9/08 Sensitive and Possibly Tense Day near a Quiet Night

The social unit should be terribly concerted this morning, and we may be sighted the aesthetic in everything. It will be another resourceful yet reactive day, and material possession may get markedly agitated advanced this day (early day westbound coast). Things should dormant downhill this evening, and we may impoverishment to transport several juncture alone.

Sun 2/10/08 Active and Creative Day

We will be willing to foundation something new today, and a number of of us will even be a bit feisty. Its active to be a severely progressive and yeasty day, but whatsoever of us may complete do it this daylight (early eventide westward coastline). Watch out particularly for supplies addiction, or you may overuse at dinner. Our minds could be racing tonight, and we may breakthrough it hard to slumber.


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