In this article I'm going to express how to path your ClickBank income AND aggregation. Don't anxiety if you don't promote any ClickBank products, the techniques outlined at a lower place can be used beside any associate network that has a "Tracking ID" installation. Everything is too 100% free, I'm not hard to advance any pursuit systems here!

Ok, let's get started. If you're not adapted next to ClickBank's following ID set of connections past you can read more than roughly speaking it at ClickBank (read their Hoplink FAQ). The problem is you can single path sales, not clicks. Let's embezzle a stare at an pattern to embody the problem, and the solution. Let's say you have a webpage at this address:

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On that leaf you're promoting a ClickBank affiliate URL:

You can see that "yourid" is your ClickBank associate ID, "publisherid" is the ID of the trade you're promoting and "code1" is the chase ID for this particular contact. If 100 relatives clink on that relation and 3 of them buy the product, that's a rendition magnitude relation of 3%. A transition magnitude relation is the proportion of society you transport to an associate URL who past go on to buy the commodity. In this case, the fig of 3% funds that 3 out of both 100 visitors, on average, became trade.

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3% isn't bad, but knack on a teeny - ClickBank lone tells you within were 3 sales for the trailing ID "code1". You don't know nearby were 100 clicks on the link, and in need this numeral you can't reason the changeover magnitude relation. What if 500 populace had clicked on the link? The change quantitative relation would be lately 0.6% (i.e. 0.6% of the 500 people became patrons). Ideally you should single forward websites that have a comparatively high transformation quantitative relation. If you're promoting two various ClickBank products for example, and one has a transmutation ratio of 1% and the other 4%, you'd be superior off engrossment your focus on the ordinal one and ditching the preliminary. You'll singular cognize this if you can multiply the shift magnitude relation. Luckily, this quirk is confidently solved next to the use of a spartan click-tracker PHP scrawl. The characters simply counts the figure of contemporary world cause clicks on a correlation.

Don't perturb if you've never nearly new PHP before, there's nada difficult roughly it. As extended as you can upload files to your webspace you'll have no trial succeeding these soft way. It goes short locution that you besides inevitability PHP moving on your waiter.

Go to PHPSuccessTools (see the resource box at the end for the URL), chink "mailing list" in the pilotage bar at the top and subscribe, afterwards keep an eye on your email for the positive identification. This will bestow you sated accession to all the scripts that are accessible. Click on "Free Scripts" in the direction bar and later clink on "Tagged Click Tracker". Then sufficiency out the sort as follows:


You should e'er select a variable fusion of post and book for your passwords, but to hang on to holding unsophisticated for this illustration go in "showstats" as the positive identification.

"Destination URL"

This is your ClickBank associate URL next to a trailing ID appended to the end. It should exterior same this:[TAG]

Make secure you regenerate "yourid" beside your ClickBank ID and "publisherid" near the ClickBank ID of the commercial you're promoting.

"Optional Expiration"

Leave this box as it is, we don't want the join to discontinue.


Enter "go" for this.

You can go away all the opposite boxes as they are, unless you understand what they do. Now hit "Submit". Follow the book of instructions on the subsequent page, where you'll be asked to put aside several files onto your computing machine and next upload them to your webspace and transmutation the permissions. Upload them to the same holder as your scale.html page (as this is the folio we're active to change in a few moments).

If you've never varied file permissions formerly next there's a simplified direction-finder at PHPSuccessTools - rightful clink on "Guides" in the pilotage bar at the top.

In this section we're presumptuous that you're linking to a ClickBank associate URL on your scale page, so as an alternative of linking straight to ClickBank, alteration the correlation on your "index.html" folio to this:


Let's review what we've through. We replaced the ClickBank affiliate intermingle on your "index.html" page near a connection that goes to the click-tracker calligraphy (called go.php). The click-tracker script, in turn, counts how various clicks the intertwine gets and redirects the swimmer to the actual ClickBank associate linkage.

Now we work out what's changed, lets see how it plant. Note the chase ID (code1) at the end of the click-tracker link:


When person clicks on that link, the click-tracker looks at the finish URL (which you entered when the click-tracker was created) and replaces [TAG] next to the following ID. So in actual fact, the goal URL becomes:

Now all you have to do is picture the applied mathematics for this click-tracker and you'll be able to see how many another clicks your connect got. The stats are untaken at this URL:


Now let's say that 100 ancestors clink on your new click-tracker connect and 3 of them buy the trade goods. By looking at your ClickBank stats you'll see that the trailing ID "code1" has make 3 income. If you face at your click-tracker stats you'll see that "code1" also generated 100 clicks. Use the two info in cooperation and you can cipher the transformation quantitative relation of 3%. In otherwise words, 3% of the group you transmitted to the merchandiser really bought the service.

The shift magnitude relation is essential to know. There's no element sending traffic to a commercial that converts at 1%, when you could convey that same collection to a polar merchant that converts at 3%. Assuming the commissions earned per mart are the same, you're improved off with the 2nd merchandiser. You'll sole cognise this by experiment opposing merchants and shrewd the rendition ratio of respectively.

In certainty there's no need to even cypher the changeover quantitative relation manually - the click-tracker does it for you! Simply view the stats for the click-tracker and move into a "sales" fig for respectively pursuit ID. The click-tracker afterwards reflexively generates the rendition quantitative relation for each one.

To conclusion off this article, let's righteous vigorously see how you'd course sales near much than one pursuit ID. If you sole have one link to your ClickBank affiliate URL consequently you won't stipulation to do this, but what if you have two links to ClickBank, one on "index.html" and the otherwise on your blog? Simply use the behind URL on your journal wherever your ClickBank associate URL customarily goes:


Now when you vista your click-tracker stats, just face for "code2" to see how masses clicks this one connection normative. Similarly, your ClickBank stats will establish "code2" as the following ID for any gross revenue that came from this correlation.

You are single to plump for any trailing ID you deprivation (you don't have to use "code1" and "code2"). Just variety assured your IDs lonesome boast alphameric characters (no spaces or symbols) and are 50 characters or smaller amount in physical property.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, you can use the preceding techniques next to any affiliate web that has a following ID installation. When creating your click-tracker(s), simply go into your affiliate URL as the "Destination URL" and place [TAG] somewhere the pursuit ID should go.

If you're response adventurous, I advise you get use of the hit-tracker script, likewise voluntarily procurable at PHPSuccessTools Place a distinct hit-tracker on respectively page in your website that contains affiliate links and you'll be competent to cipher the click-through ratio as healed as the shift quantitative relation of those golf course.


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