Reece Gilmore is moving for her natural life. A potential Boston chef, she is celebrating a new job next to friends in a restaurant, once it is suddenly invaded by masked gunmen. Reece is chatoyant and as she lapses into unconsciousness, she sees her unsurpassable human savagely murdered. The unshared survivor of the restaurant massacre, Reece is after preoccupied by nightmares and panic attacks that won't cease. She flees Boston, want order after the bad luck that has so utterly impacted on her existence and sets out on a administrative district road flight.

Ultimately, Reece winds up in the trifling town of Angel's Fist, Wyoming. She takes a job as a fry up in a provincial feeder and settles into municipality life. Unfortunately, Reece cannot find the peace she so urgently requests. While hiking along a point trail, Reece sees a hot debate hold plant linking an undiscovered man and adult female. As she watches in horror, the woman is inhibited and Reece races down the pawmarks to get support from local author, Jamison Brody.

When Reece and Brody official document to the sore where on earth the stabbing had taken place, however, they do not see somebody and do not insight a body. In fact, location are no signs at all that anything of a terrorist character had taken point in that site. Nevertheless, Reece and Brody document the event to Sheriff Richard Marsden, who launches an scouting that fails to brainstorm any attestation of a transgression.

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Because of the want of trace and in outlook of her sad past, neither the law officer nor any of the townspeople, near the elision of Brody, agree to that Reece in truth witnessed a execution. Certain of what she saw, however, Reece launches her own probe. Increasingly, Reece becomes the point of reference of freaky " attacks" that intensify from attendant annoyances to unqualified hazardous situations. Reece, next to Brody's help, has to breakthrough out precisely what happened to the woman on the pathway until that time she ends up slain herself.

Nora Roberts is one of today's peak fertile authors, whose novels inescapably top the selected sellers' list. Her stories succeed, however, not because they are eternal on work against. Indeed, as the chief characters themselves element out, Angels Fall's plan is akin to that of the old Ingrid Bergman moving picture "Gaslight" (A better half tries to drive his mate bonkers and into an crackbrained refuge in order to get his hands on her custom). Rather, Ms. Roberts' valour lies in her proficiency to mark out effective and glamorous characters. Reece Gilmore is a ruptured heroine who rises above the disaster of her erstwhile and the exposure of her endowment to brainstorm a executioner. Jamison Brody is a loath hero, who aptly supports Reece in her search to brainstorm natural virtue with the freedom pairing of strength, sensibility and macho. Together, they are as attention-getting a two of a kind as any that have in earlier times been found in Ms. Roberts' novels.

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